Making a referral to Moving Forward

We are happy for prospective new members to drop in to any meeting that is appropriate for their needs.

In some cases an employer, social interest group, medical professional, or a mental health organisation may feel that its appropriate to formerly refer an individual.  This type of referral may be for;

  • unfunded membership, or
  • part of a service project that is funded by the referring organisation, or
  • a service project funded by a third party organisation.

Funded service projects may require some reporting of attendance etc to justify the funds that are allocated.

Any one can opt out of a funded service project and become an unfunded regular member of Moving Forward, however this will not include funded activities.

Any funded member can continue their membership at the end of their initial funded project.

Referring a client or employee for unfunded membership

  • Complete the referral form (see below) for the individual to bring to their first meeting.

Referring a client or employee for a funded service project

  • Funded service projects will be specified in detail and agreed by both the Moving Forward project manager and the funder’s authorised representative. The service project code will be allocated to the project and must be used for every referral.
  • Complete the referral form (see below). Ensure the service project code is correct and that the appropriate budget manager has approved the referral.
  • Send the referral form to Moving Forward by the agreed means.

Download the referral form here –     MFG Form A – REFERRAL FORM

Please download the detailed guide – How to refer a client to Moving Forward Group. This is the current guide to making a referral.

How to contact Moving Forward Group.