Confidentiality & Attendance

Moving Forward is concerned with the mental health of it’s members and new starters.

Some individuals report that they have been directed to attend by a Job Centre Work Coach, and that they may face benefit sanctions if they fail to attend.
There are no arrangements in place to automatically report an individual’s attendance to any 3rd party. An individual’s financial status is their private business and benefit sanctions are the prerogative of those who pay the benefits.

Attending Moving Forward can have a positive effect on your mental health. However, an individual may not be well enough to attend, let alone begin to benefit from a peer support group.

Moving Forward is not established to improve an individual’s chance of employment. It’s aim is to help individuals recover and maintain good mental health. There are no targets set for individuals. Rather it is hoped that the membership will support each other in getting the best out of life despite having mental health issues. 

If a member can become well enough to gain employment then that will be celebrated. If a member is disabled by their mental health and is held back from employment then they will be supported in achieving the best level of wellness possible for them.

When dealing with 3rd party organisation and individuals our “Member Controlled Attendance Disclosure Policy“, as below, will apply. (This covers both private individuals and individuals attending 3rd party funded schemes.)

Member Controlled Attendance Disclosure Policy

When an individual has;

  • informed a 3rd party that they attend Moving Forward. 
  • been advised of Moving Forward by a 3rd party. 

Without your written consent your membership of, or attendance at, Moving Forward will not be disclosed. It will be neither confirmed, or denied. 

Should a 3rd party make an enquiry about your attendance they will be directed to write to you, and request that you obtain a signed statement from Moving Forward.

When you provide Moving Forward with such a written request you will receive a statement that lists the dates when you attended a meeting, or activity. This will be signed by both yourself, and a Facilitator, (or Committee Member, who will state their role).

It is up to you to pass the statement to the 3rd Party. You have full control of the disclosure.

When an individual has been formerly referred by a 3rd Party as part of a funded project.

If the 3rd party is funding your referral to Moving Forward we will request your signed consent to report your attendance, or non-attendance, as required by the funder.

If you do not want Moving Forward to report, as requested by the funder, then you can attend as an individual. This may exclude you from funded activities that are linked to your original 3rd party referral.

Danger of harm – Obligation to report.

In all circumstances Moving Forward staff will report the possibility of harm to a member, or other individual, to the appropriate competent authority. This is with the intention of preventing harm.