Made in Keighley


Moving Forward Group is staffed by volunteers from the communities it serves, that is Keighley, Bingley and Bradford.

We provide continuous free mental health support to anyone over 18 years of age who respects our group agreements.

Through donations, partnerships, and goodwill we manage to provide free weekly mental Health support for 50-70 individuals.

We strive to keep expenditure low and aim to ensure long term support by paying our venue costs through locally raised funds from collection tins and events held by local businesses.

Over the last year we have helped many to recover from depression and to resume employment. Some have trained to lead their own support groups, or obtained paid employment within other mental health focused organisations.

If you can, please consider how you can help us raise funds for our venue costs. Such as;

• Holding a collection tin.

• Sponsored events.

• Standing Order.

• Coffee mornings.

• Raffles.

Businesses can sponsor a regular weekly meeting for approx £25-30 for which they will receive full credit on our website and social media.

Worth Inns and their fantastic staff and customers raised funds that paid for our venue costs for more than 6 months of 2018!!! – that’s the Cricketers, Café Choux Choux & the Rumshack – supporting their local community whilst serving great beer & food.

Champions Show the Way (NHS Project) have funded the venue costs for two of our ladies groups and one mixed group, again local support for our communities.

Moving Forward exists to support all our communities and has proved to be effective at improving the lives of many who have endured poor mental health for many years.

We are proud to have begun our work in Keighley and to now be taking it further afield – please help us to show that our town can lead the way in community self help.

Moving Forward – Keighley leading the way!

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