What makes a Moving Forward Facilitator?

Our Facilitators are all individuals who originally came to Moving Forward after enduring many years of poor mental health.

Childhood cruelty & neglect, sexual exploitation, domestic violence, bereavement, bad relationships, lack of access to their own children, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, workplace bullying, social defeat, exclusion, dogma, injustice, serious illness, denial of benefits, poverty, and homelessness.

Each of our Facilitators have experienced some if not several of the above. Any one is enough to make a healthy person mentally distressed and traumatised.

Each Facilitator knows severe anxiety & depression only too well. The strength required to continue Facilitating when having a bad day is simply heroic! They are each making an enormous contribution to the wider community.

Each Facilitator has courageously decided to stand in front of their peers and guide them through the long process of recovery to optimum wellness. This is amazing considering that withdrawal from company and crippling panic attacks are a too common symptom of severe anxiety.

Our Facilitators are in the front line of poor mental health. They are leaders who selflessly give their strength to pull strangers to safety. They exhaust themselves saving others like them, having hardly recovered from their own frantic escape.

I’m so proud of them!

Paul Skinner BEM
Projects Director


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