Must do better..

Please read the attached BBC report. We hear this all the time. It’s not easy to listen to quietly spoken people who are permanently hungry telling you how low, or no income, is destroying their lives.

Moving Forward Group is supporting local Jobcentre initiatives to improve support for those enduring poor mental health and the grinding poverty that is often present.

The problem is huge, the numbers affected are large and for those with long term mental health issues, the outcome can be very final.

The assessments for benefits related to disability ignore the crippling effects of anxiety & depression. Surely, omitting to recognise the opinions of GPs, mental health practitioners and Consultants etc. is discrimination.

Poor mental health can take years of supported recovery. 95% of the cause of poor mental health is the acts or omissions of others. It is very much a product of our society stemming from child abuse, CSE, violent crime, military service, injustice and poverty etc.

Recovery is unlikely for those dismissed by the Governments policies. An early miserable death is the likely outcome of being abandoned by the system.

The policies that create the details of the disability assessments are created at Ministerial and Government level.

Many of the causes are in the scope of a Government’s remit. Such as funding sufficient Police & Social Services, targeting the effects of poverty, creating more inclusivity, improving support for HM Forces Veterans and refugees of war.

Our own Politicians are driving this cruel discrimination against the expert medical opinions of thousands of health professionals.

It’s not good enough and the Government needs to do better.

“You’re on the verge of losing everything – but you don’t understand why”

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