A thank you.

In a short period of time since I started coming to groups with Moving Forward. I have began to deal with my mental health in ways I thought I had lost.

I’ve gone through a lot of years hiding it with masks and trying to beat it my own way but I kept spiralling deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole.

With the help and comnunity feel from Moving Forward I no longer feel alone and a weirdo. I know whenever I feel low I can message anyone on WhatsApp, or even text, or expect a call from another group member, and have a rant, or find my triggers to make me feel positive.

Soon I start a new job which I’m looking forward too. I would’nt have got this far if it was not for the support and help of Moving Forward.

My confidence has increased and each day my security bubble expands more and more. I will continue to go to Moving Forward groups as I feel I’m now part of a large community which is growing more and more each day.

Thank you Moving Forward.

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