AGM 2018: Zara Jade

Personal statement/manifesto

Hi am Zara ,

I have been a member of moving Forward since September 2017 ,when I first attended the group session I was in a state of depression and anxiety but was overwhelmed by the response and support I got from the group. I have suffered a lot of depression over a lot of years but since been with Moving Forward I have been able to talk and bring a lot more out of me, which I found hard in the past to do.

Been part of off this community it has giving me the freedom ,friends and a new family in the mental health community and beyond that so am now going to be involved in a new group set up with in the LBGT community and hoping to be trained as a facilitator with in Moving Forward in the future.

I would like to put myself forward as a committee member (fundraising).

I have been part of this role in the past with another charity organisation in helping collect funds. I would be honoured to be part of the community within the community to be able to help others with depression and to stand up for our rights in mental health.


Zara Jade

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