AGM 2018: Sabah Abbas

Personal statement/manifesto

Candidate for the Secretary position

Since joining the Moving Forward grouprecently, I have been keen to fulfil my role as a volunteer and working towards becoming a trained facilitator.

My current work with sharing Moving Forwards work has been a success with talks with tutors and staff at Bradford university and Keighley organisations with promoting and informing the public of the work we do at Moving Forward.

With a background of mental health issues, I am sure that I will be of assistance to members and volunteers attending the group and I am keen to show others that mental health issues do not have to have a undesirable impact on their lives.

I believe I am suited to this role as I am a hard-working individual that is competent, friendly and supportive. I am confident in my ability to work alongside others as part of a team but also on my own initiative.

I would be honoured to peruse the role as a secretary for Moving Forward, it would be a great honour to hold such a role within such a dedicated organisation.

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