AGM 2018: Gareth Jones

Personal statement/manifesto

Hi I’m Gareth,

I have been part of moving forward now for just over two years. When I came to Moving Forward I was in a very bad place.

I was using other groups to try get the help I thought I needed. But didn’t feel I was getting anywhere with them.

But then I was introduced to Moving Forward by Alan. And from the first moment I walked though the door I felt welcomed and wanted and just knew I was in the right place to get the help I needed.

Yes I have bad days and times when everything seems to be going wrong, but I know there are people I can talk to and advice and help to.

The reason I have put myself forward for this role is because of feel I can help move Moving Forward beyond where we are now.

The last two years I have been part of Moving Forward the group has made some amazing strides forward and continues to move forward in amazing ways.

I want to help get the name Moving Forward out there and to as many people as we can to help the people of West Yorkshire.

I can bring knowledge of other groups, as I use them, to help and can take ideas and ways they do things and see if we can use them to help Moving Forward improve.

Thank you for listening

Gareth Jones

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