Give it a go…..

To anyone who is in deep thought about this group and not sure…….I was struggling with things and alone, I was told about this moving forward group, so to this I thought oh god what the hell am I letting myself into but what did I have to loose….so I went…..I was nervous and quiet but when I got there I got a really warm welcome from everyone in the group.

I’ve never been to things like this and yes I felt a idiot and tried to not get involved, but after about an hour or so i found myself involved and noticed people listened and after a short time at the group I learnt a lot of things about how to deal with things and also gained new friends and a new family …..and now I have a new outlook on life…..without the group I would have still been who I was…….I know this group might not be for everyone even I thought that but I’m glad i thought well bugger it let’s see what it’s about

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