What happens at a Moving Forward meeting?

Moving Forward meetings follow a simple but effective format.

Key subjects from the Moving Forward Course are repeated at times. This takes the form of group discussions with experience and knowledge being shared.

The meetings are Facilitator led and are flexible enough to respond to critical issues for the group or, individuals.

There are two, or more, Facilitators present at a meeting;

  • Lead Facilitator: Responsible for running the group and delivering any syllabus content.
  • Co-facilitator: Supports the Lead Facilitator and keeps aware of the Members in order to offer individual support if needed.

Conduct at the meetings is governed by the group agreement. This is a democratic set of rules devised by the groups membership.

Each Moving Forward group weekly meeting is in keeping with the following format;

  • Check in: – includes a optional contribution from each member to enable them to find their voice.
  • Main subject: – from the Moving Forward Recovery Syllabus, or sourced elsewhere. It involves a presentation from the Facilitator along with discussion and the sharing of individual experiences and knowledge.
  • Break: – 10-15 Minutes. Hot drinks, biscuits and treats.
  • “The Slot”: – For group individuals or, guest speakers to present a subject. Eg.Mindfulness, meditation or, an individuals’ current predicament.
  • Check out: – each member is encouraged to commit to at least one wellbeing practice in the following week.

At the end of the meeting there is the customary “hanging around ceremony” where no one wants to leave the others. This has run for 2-3 hours on a few occasions.

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