Message to you all…

… from a member of Moving Forward.

In time we all get depressed and feeling low to the point where we can’t manage how we react to society and how their reactions are to us. but that can change to the point where can at least and try to cope with the help of others in talking and sharing our depression.

Moving Forward can just do that in been there for you even if just to listen to you and maybe a shoulder to cry on, a community within a community is where it all can begin in trying to come to terms with depression and anxiety, life is not easy we know that but we can help others as there can help us in understanding or giving support to those who need it .

I would like to end this post with a video and just to say we are not alone out there .

Moving Forward is always there for you through bad times or good times your never alone.

Love Gaz/Zara Xxx 😀

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