One of those paradigms!

So what is Moving Forward really about?

It’s about real insight, changing life, belonging to a community within society – membership, continuing support, bottom up design of services, the leadership of peers & personal development towards peer group leadership.

In the world of mental health this paradigm is often called “the user movement” with a short label of “Social”. There are two other paradigms, labelled “Bio” and “Psycho” so forming one of those relationship triangles that seem to be everywhere. This is referred to as the “Bio-Psycho-Social Model”.

Bio-Psycho-Social Model.

For almost the whole of the mental health community the reasons for their poor mental health stems from the acts, or omissions, of the others around them. That is poor mental health driven by “Social Model” transactions leading to stress, anxiety, and trauma.

The “Bio Model” concerns genetic susceptibility, imbalance of neurotransmitters, imbalances of hormones, consequences of disease, physical effects of lifestyle, long term disabilities. These factors are often present along with the symptoms of anxiety and depression.

The “Psycho Model” includes imprinted & conditioned learning, and trauma from coping with cruel & unusual behaviour deriving from an individual’s timeline within the “Social Model”. The “Psycho Model” also includes the diagnosis of numerous behavioural types that generally identify specific neurosis’ or personality types.

Often stigma is a “Social Model” cruelty applied to those within the “Bio Model” & “Psycho Model”.

Historically proponents of the “Bio & Psycho Models” have clashed over the validity of the others assertions. However, agreement about the “Bio-Psycho-Social Model” is growing, and any practitioner, or service provider, who has a single track approach, will not achieve the best mental health outcomes.

Moving Forward Group aspires to:-

• Never charge those in need of membership.

• Provide community leadership & insight for those with poor mental health.

• Support individuals to act responsibly, address their poor mental health, and to feel respected & valued.

• Establish partnerships to enable constructive “social prescribing”.

• Confront the causes of poor mental health & stigma, by identifying, challenging, and campaigning as necessary.

A Third Way

The Moving Forward Group community will provide continuing support. This will be through membership, not dependency. It is recognised that members will often endure a cycle of “crisis-recovery-crisis”, and that the desired full recovery may never be achieved.

The membership model provides continuing leadership & insight within the “Social Model” to complement the clinical services of the “Bio” & “Psycho” models. This is only right – there is a self-evident civic duty for all!

Self-organisation by those with poor mental health should not be regarded as an antidote to the perception of inadequate health services. In the main society has caused poor mental health, and it could be argued that society should play a leading role in giving relief to those affected.

Most poor mental health is a product of how our society behaves. The Government, the Judiciary, employers, and citizens all have a responsibility to deal with poor mental health. It cannot be left to the health services alone!

Time to move forward!

One thought on “One of those paradigms!

  1. A thought-provoking post.

    It actually provokes me to point out – in a spirit of friendly comment only – two typos which may well convey meanings antithetical to the spirit of Moving Forward.


    I suspect the author meant to say ‘complement’, rather than ‘compliment’.


    I guess the author meant to say “social prescribing” rather than “social proscribing”.

    I admit to being a pedant but, without launching here into criticism of the bio-psycho-social model underlying much of today’s mental health diagnosis and treatment, I personally would never wish to ‘compliment’ the bio or psycho aspects of the model!

    By the same token, I could not imagine the admirable work done by Moving Forward to include anything which might be described as “social proscribing”. This unfortunate typo conveys the impression of the sort of approach to mental health widely promoted in recent times by the DWP in its attempts to ‘proscribe’ what it regards as unacceptable behaviour of claimants with mental health conditions — e.g. failing to find employment, something which seems to be regarded these days as a mental disorder.

    The idea presented in this post of the BSP model becoming more accepted is surely only true within conventional mental health services as provided by the NHS or social services – ie services that are severely time-restricted, ‘outcome’-driven, ‘evidence’-based and/or reliant on over-medication by GPs and psychiatrists, but ultimately dehumanising.

    The last paragraph of the piece sums up brilliantly the future direction that a viable mental health support system should take. We are indeed ALL responsible for creating the sort of human environment in which people’s well-being, relationships and personal fulfillment can be naturally enhanced.

    I wish Moving Forward every success in its continuing work.


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