Are you defining your staff as inadequate?

Too many businesses and senior managers feel that they must stress their staff to gain more from them.

These toxic regimes continuously impress upon their workers that they are inadequate by criticising their performance and often their presence!

Often, clumsy performance monitoring systems, the setting of ridiculous “stretch” targets, and inadequately organised systems of work put staff into a lose-lose situation.

Further to this the double speak, and double standards of company values is transparent to staff no matter how much senior management claim that their business has gold standard ethics, discipline system, diversity policies, etc.

Maintaining a high level of stress and discomfort for staff is seen as successful management and good for business. Often the main actors of these work environments pass all responsibility downwards and breach all applicable best practices.

There are a lot of improvements required.

Until then staff will continue to be churned into poor mental health and spat out to a social support system that doesn’t care either.

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