Busy, busy, busy, bulletin!!!

Fantastic – there’s plenty of stuff happening now, and in the near future.

Mark, our lead facilitator, has been asked to run the Kala Sangram Wellbeing Group, and he and Angela (Our first lady member!) convinced the NHS Champions team that we have something worth supporting.

The NHS is helping with the venue for our new Facilitator training and they are to fund 3 new ladies groups. 1 Bradford, 2 Keighley.

We now have two groups in Keighley on Thursdays, 1 Mixed, 1 Men.

We are about to have a project support group for planning and organising our expansion.

We hold 1to1 sessions at Keighley Job Centre every other Friday.

We have even been offered our own radio show!

The thing I really love at the minute is our new Walking Group – I need the exercise!!!

We need a small team to handle traditional fundraising activities to help meet venue costs – volunteers needed.

KMF guys.

2 thoughts on “Busy, busy, busy, bulletin!!!

    1. We are currently totally voluntary. In fact some of us donate monthly from our wages. We started as a men only group as a natural evolution of being a bunch of men. There are therapeutic reasons for having male, female, and mixed gender groups. Our three men’s groups, one mixed group, and 1to1 mixed sessions at Keighley Job Centre are well established and sustained from our own resources. The NHS is supporting our expansion to another three groups – for females. It’s for practical reasons that our expansion, and partnership with the NHS is as it is. We are happy with it and are grateful for this direct financial support. It addresses the need for Female Moving Forward groups and will speed up our expansion – this is greatly needed.


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