Free download of Oli Anderson’s “Dialogue/ Ego: Real Communication”

How we relate to others is very important to our wellbeing. Managing our dialogue and relationships in a constructive way can create easier progress through life. Oli Anderson is known by members of the Moving Forward team who appreciate his wisdom and commitment to improving people’s mental health.Moving Forward Admin

Dialogue / Ego: Real Communication by Oli Anderson. 
This e-book is free because these ideas can benefit all of us and the more people there are making use of them, the better the world can be for all of us.

What is this book? 

Dialogue / Ego: Real Communication’ contains reflections and insights garnered from my experiences running dialogue circles over the last three years. It looks at the relationship between ourselves and the ego, helping us to gain an understanding of how we can communicate from what is real within us, whilst valuing the truth, and making the most of Collective Creative Intelligence as we all grow real together.

Why is it free?

Writing Personal Revolutions: A Short Course in Realness taught me that all social progress ultimately boils down to the way that we communicate with each other and this depends on how we first communicate with ourselves.

My personal belief is that the more of us that understand these ideas, cultivating a better relationship with our own egos, the better chance we have of building real systems that engender real human potential.

Sounds good! What do I need to do?

Sign up, at read the book, and share it with anybody else you know who might be interested in this stuff!

Also check out Oli’s other work at

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