“fundraising for a group of mental men!”


You know it was a good Friday night when you are still thinking about it on Sunday. What a tonic for an anxiety driven mind. It was a couple of hours of sheer shameless lunacy studded with real talent. 
I sat there thinking “..and I thought we were mad!”

This fantastic event was hosted by Squinty McGinty – A.K.A. film, TV, and stage actor & entertainer Steve Huison. 

You will know Steve from his roles in “The Full Monty”, and “Coronation Street”.

At the start of the year Steve had offered for Squinty McGinty Productions to fundraise for Moving Forward at it’s Cabaret Saltaire event at the Caroline Club, Saltaire, on the 31st March 2017. 

That was exciting an exciting prospect at the time but I had no idea of how good the actual night would be, or how the sense of discovering a treasure of fun could be so heartwarming. What a great source of wellbeing. What a tonic. 

Squinty McGinty should be available on prescription from the NHS….until then I’ll just go “Private”…. Now where’s that Cabaret Saltaire fan club membership form?

Oh I nearly forgot! Squinty McGinty’s unwanted Christmas presents and unwanted bag of belly pork (found under his sink) raised a total of £250.50 for Moving Forward’s work in supporting men’s mental health in Keighley, Bingley, and Bradford. 

In return Moving Forward has offered it’s services to the stage artists of Cabaret Saltaire, and any members of the audience who were affected by what they experienced on Friday night…. Just ask guys!

Visit & Follow:

Squinty McGinty

Caroline Social Club 

  • Caroline Social Club, Caroline Street, Saltaire, BD18 3JZ 
  • Phone: 01274 585140 
  • info@carolineclub.co.uk 
  • http://www.carolineclub.co.uk
  • @Carolineclub on Twitter

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