Win £30 – Help needed for Mental Health Research

Our help has been requested by Ben Helliwell, a trainee clinical psychologist, at Lancaster University. Ben needs the support as part of research for his Doctorate.    
The title of the research project is: 

  • The role of self-disgust in the relationship between childhood trauma and psychotic experience.

Ben has designed an online survey for volunteers to complete. He wants to contribute to a deeper understanding of psychosis in the hope that this will have a positive impact upon the lives of people living with the condition – in his words;

  • What is the study about?
    I am doing a research project to explore the role of negative childhood experiences and feelings about the self in psychosis. Psychosis is a term sometimes used to describe a range of unusual experiences such as hearing voices or believing things that others find strange. These experiences in some individuals can cause considerable emotional and psychological distress, but some people do not find these experience distressing. Therefore, I am interested in learning more about the role of childhood events and difficult emotions in the development and maintenance of psychosis.

Please visit the link below if you are interested in helping Ben by completing his survey. It should take you 30-40 minutes to complete. If you have any questions please contact Ben by email at

     Benjamin Helliwell, Trainee Clinical Psychologist, Division of Health Research, Lancaster University.

2 thoughts on “Win £30 – Help needed for Mental Health Research

    1. Hi Debs, it is for all, not just men. I’m sorry I didn’t make it clearer on my post. The research is independent of Moving Forward. As a group we are very keen to support medics & academics in their research of mental health.

      By way of further explanation Moving Forward also now has a women only section too. I am waiting to meet with the facilitators to get their input for our website.

      We hope eventually to expand the Moving Forward peer group support methods to all who are interested. It’s is early days but we are Moving Forward.

      Kindest regards



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