Bradford catch-up report 27th July to 10th August

Bradford – 27/07/2016 – Facilitated by AW. 15 members present. 11 had attended more that 4 meetings, and there were 4 new starters.

Check in: 

  • Brief introduction of ourselves for benefit of new Members.
  • How have we been since last week?

Subject: Main subject:-:

  • Various Talking Therapies which are available and how some may be more beneficial to us than others.
  • The Cycle of Change.
  • How we can re-frame our thoughts.
  • Retaining possession of our ‘Remote Control’


  • More awesome guitar work from our resident maestro.
  • One of our new attendees treated us to a brilliant rap he had written on the subject of Mental Health.

Bradford – 03/08/16 – Facilitated by SJR/SP. 10 members present, 7 long term, 1 new, and 2 recent joiners.

Check in: How are we?

Subject: Triggers and Coping Mechanisms.

Slot: Beautiful guitar rendition of The Deer Hunter theme by one of our extremely talented Members.

Check out: Something nice we are going to do for ourselves before next weeks meeting.

Bradford – 10/08/16 – Facilitated by SJR. 7 present, 5 long term members, 1 new, and 1 recent joiner.

Check in: General catch up on everyone’s well being.


  • One Members relationship dilemma.
  • The hard work one Member is putting in making arrangements for a BBQ Birthday Celebration.
  • One of our original Members popped in for a chat about how he has managed to get himself back into Employment, a true inspiration to all of us.

Slot: Don’t Be Cruel played beautifully on the guitar.

Check out: Our plans for the next week.

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