Around the group’s – Bingley, & Keighley. 15th & 18th Aug 2016

Bingley – 15/08/2016 – Facilitated by SJR. 4 long term members present.

Check in: Catch up on our respective lives over the last week.

Subject: First part of Dr Robert Sapolsky’s video lecture on Depression. The video is available on our Links page. This prompted an excellent discussion.

Keighley – 18/08/2016 – Facilitated by PS. 5 long term members present.

Check in: Did you take any action to improve an aspect of your life that should contribute to reducing stress.

Subject: Mapping sources of stress against the key areas of your life with a view to planning stress avoidance and recovery. Using the Bio-Psycho-Social model and using 8 key aspects of life.


  • Medical – Address your health issues, get the right medication, avoid aggravating substances etc.
  • Exercise – Avoid what aggravates any health conditions and do what you can.
  • Diet – Eat healthy and avoid certain foods.
  • Environment – Identify a beneficial environment and access it frequently.


  • Family – Make time for family, avoid those who stress you.
  • Social Capital – Work at developing your support network, and give some back. Avoid what stresses you, concentrate on good situations.
  • Work – Any organised activity that you gain something from. Not always money.
  • Creativity – Active, or passive – create something, or appreciate the creativity of others.


  • Identify your reactions, emotions and thoughts triggered by the sources of stress. 
  • Learn the details of what is known and understand your depression. 
  • Use your brain to develop blocking and recovery strategies.

Check out: Choose one action based on the above to try in the next week.

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