Around the group’s – Bingley, Keighley – 8th & 11th Aug 2016

Bingley – 08/08/2016 – Facilitated by SJR. 3 long term members present.

Check in: Catch up on our respective lives over the last week.

Subject: – Dr Robert Sapolsky’s amazing video lecture on Depression. This video lecture is a tour de force. An intense, scientific explanation of the genetic, hormonal, social and psychological factors that make depression “The worst human illness”. The video is available on our Links page.

Keighley – 11/08/2016 – Facilitated by PS. 4 long term members present.

Check in: What did we do in the last week to remove a source of stress that triggers our depression.

Subject: Mapping your sources of stress against the key areas of your life.

     Biological Problems

  • Medical
  • Diet
  • Exercise
  • Environment

     Social Defeat

  • Family
  • Social Capital
  • Work
  • Creativity

     Psychological Trauma

  • The reactions, emotions and thoughts triggered by the sources of stress and how they drive depression.

Check out: Choose an action to take to improve one aspect of your life that should contribute to reducing stress.

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