Around the Groups – Keighley 04/08/2016

Keighley – 04/08/2016 – 4-6pm. Facilitated by PS. Three members present all long term members

Check in: How much time have you spent outside in the sun over the last week? Activities included frequent dog walking, sitting on the front step having a smoke and walking. It looks like the sun has drawn us outside to take advantage of its depression fighting benefits.

Subject: – Dr Robert Sapolsky’s amazing video lecture on Depression (see links below). Sadly not the real thing but this video lecture is a tour de force. An intense, scientific explanation of the genetic, hormonal, social and psychological factors that make depression “The worst human illness”. The video is 52 minutes long and it is a recording of a lecture to students at Stanford University. It’s a must watch for anyone with depression. At its conclusion one of our members said “So it’s biological! I’m not mad!

Check out: Since stress is a driver of depression what are you going to do in the next week to remove a source of stress from your life? Accept that family members can let you down and be more positive about that ( very CBT). Only spend social time with caring sensitive relations & friends and avoid ‘bad’ company.


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