Around the group’s – Bingley, Bradford – 18th July – 20th July

Bingley – 18/07/2016 – Facilitated by SJR. 3 members present who have attended more than 4 meetings.

Check in: General catch up.


  • Overcoming adversity.
  • Memories of living and working in America.
  • The benefits of Talking Therapies.
  • Dealing with Anger issues

Check out: Something nice we are doing for ourselves.

Bradford – 20/07/2016 – Facilitated by AW. 10 members present. 6 had attended more that 4 meetings, and there were 4 new starters.

Check in: If you could be any animal, what would you be and why?
Plenty of varied answers from dogs, cats, a few apes, a bear and a hippo.


  • One Members ATOS Appointment.
  • One Members recent experience with Anti Social Behaviour.
  • The Nature vs Nurture Debate, looked at through the BioPsycoSocial Lenses.

Slot: More awesome guitar work from one of our long standing attendees.

Check out: A time when someone has surprised you in a good way.


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