Around the group’s – Bingley, Bradford. 4th July – 6th July 2016

Bingley – 04/07/2016 – Facilitated by SJR. 4 members present all of whom have attended more than 4 meetings.

Check in: General catch up.

Subject: Numerous subjects including mental health in the workplace, returning depression, dealing with anger, the need for routine, how structure in your life can help. Also how isolation can be good, or bad. Stories from an ex-Postie about the anger of dog attacks.

Slot: Preparations for Moving Forwards upcoming fundraiser in planned for September – more information to follow.

Check out: As per usual we overran and had no time to do the traditional check out.

Bradford – 06/07/2016 – Facilitated by MW. 10 members present, 9 of whom had attended over 4 meetings.

Check in: Your favourite invention and why?
Answers included; the gramophone, televised sport, the internal combustion engine, the human body, and the European Union. (Editors comment: I wasn’t there but I bet I could name the guys for each of the answers!).

Subject: The 7 keys, the core life elements at the centre of Moving Forward’s approach to dealing with depression;

  • Social Capital
  • Work
  • Environment
  • Diet
  • Exercise
  • Family
  • Creativity

The new member welcome packs were given out to all members. Thank you SJR for your work in preparing the packs.
Members were briefed on the ongoing arrangements for our planned fundraising event in September.

Slot: A members family issues were discussed at length.

Activity: Our talented guitarist treated the group to a beautiful rendition of the Theme from the Deer Hunter.

Check out: Something nice we are doing for ourselves between now and next week’s meeting.

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