Around the group’s – Bingley, Bradford & Keighley. 13th June – 16th June 201

Keighley whiteboard  16/06/16
Keighley whiteboard 16/06/16

Bingley – 13/06/2016 – Facilitated by SR. Three Members present. 

Check in: General catch up of things over the last week.

Subject: The effects of having our meds changed. Let go of the past and livse for today. How family members can trigger us.

Check Out: What we are doing for ourselves in the last week.

Bradford – 15/06/2016 – Facilitated by MW. Eight Members present. Seven of which have attended more than four meetings.

Check in: Pet memories.

Subject: Using pets as wellness tools. How Moving Forward has changed our life. The injustices we experience due to the labels we have been given at work & home.

Slot: A member gave some great guitar renditions including “the theme from Deer Hunter”, and Elvis’ “Don’t be cruel”.

Check Out: Something nice we are planning to do for ourselves.

Keighley – 16/06/2016 – Facilitated by MW & CA. Six Members present. Great meeting with great contributions, overran (as usual) but no complaints!

Check in: We checked in with triggers of the last week. 

Subject: Triggers, and what to do about them.

Check Out: Something nice we are planning to do for ourselves during the next week.

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