Around the group’s – 30th May – 2nd June 2016 at Bingley, Bradford, & Keighley.

Bingley – 30/05/2016 – Facilitated by PS. Four Members present – with one a first timer at Bingley. One missing regular trapped at IKEA with his other half.

Check in: Any drama’s experienced in the last week? Dealing with repeating a life history of depression to a new Counsellor.  Family issues causing anxiety and limiting your social life. Having responsibilities taken from you at work “in case you are off again”.Being a victim of crime.

Subject: This week’s subject was about the Bio-Psyco-Social Model of how complex factors of your whole life situation can drive depression. It also covered how to break your life down into issues you can start to address as you aim at recovery and continued wellness. (It was the first time that the PS had run a meeting since joining the group a year ago. – “Facilitating a group meeting is a great way of helping others to help yourself”)

Check out: Any plans for something good in the next week?   

Bradford – 01/06/2016 – Facilitated by SJR & SP. Twelve Members present.

Check in: Mantras & sayings.

Subject: More on mantras & sayings.

Slot: A member played guitar, always popular.

Activity: A member demonstrated Tribal Drumming.

Check Out: Something nice that we are going to do for ourselves.

Keighley – 02/06/2016 –
Facilitated by SP. Seven Members present.

Check in: Your favourite lyric, mantra or saying.

Subject: More on lyrics, mantras & sayings.

Activity: Mindfulness practices from our popular regular visiting Mental Health Professional and Mindfulness expert.

Check Out: Something nice that we are going to do for ourselves.

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