Succesful Health Promotion Event!

We were really pleased to have the opportunity to present Moving Forward at the Farfield Group Practice Health Awareness event on 10th December 2015 from 1-4pm in Keighley.


The surgery waiting room was transformed into a health fair with some of the Doctor’s rooms being used for presentations on specific subjects such as Wellness Recovery Action Plans (WRAP), Diabetes awareness, and how to be a Dementia Friend. We had three group members there for our information stall; Simon, Adam, and Paul.

It was a great opportunity for networking with other local groups associated with wellness and health care. Some of the group representatives kindly agreed to come and talk to our groups. Watch for news of this after Christmas.

A feature of our experience there was visitors to our stand asking for information concerning the mental health of male relatives rather than themselves. We were also asked about meditation classes and local women’s support groups. We will have to research and network more so that we can better answer such requests for information. There should be more information pages appearing on our website soon inspired by this event the information needs it highlighted.


(Above) Moving Forward’s Vice-chairman Paul & Treasurer Adam.

We distributed our information sheets to both visitors and other organisation’s representatives. That evening our website had three times the normal views for a full day.

The Doctors and others who deal directly with service users requested information on how to refer people to Moving Forward. They indicated that they were very pleased to have such a group available. We are also praised by some who know members and how Moving Forward has helped them. It’s nice to know that we’ve been noticed!

We’ve been told to keep up the good work! We will!

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