Supper Carnival at Lynfield Mount Hospital, Bradford

Three Moving Forward members (Saeed, Richard and Paul) attended the “Supper Carnival” at Lynfield Mount Hospital, Heights Lane, Bradford on the evening of Thursday 29th October 2015.

“An evening of fun, food, feedback and information, where service users, families, carers and members are invited to review and evaluate the mental health, learning disabilities and community health services that we have provided this year.”

The hospital provides mental health care services and is part of the Bradford District NHS Foundation Trust.

It was a very pleasant experience with a large number of attendees, possibly fifty or so, medical professionals, carers and service users. The Moving Forward members networked furiously and handed out group leaflets. We were well received and the existence of our group was remarked on as being a very positive development.

We were treated to an on stage concert of popular songs. We joined in especially when the popular Monkeys’ hit “I’m a believer” closed the show. Great fun and very uplifting stuff. Thank you organisers. Oh yes and an excellent buffet – we kept losing Richard in the crowd but soon learned to find him in the buffet room!

We learned about;

  • “The Helios Centre” and it’s therapeutic group approach to improving wellbeing. Something that we know is effective.
  • The importance of becoming involved in clinical research as a patient, or service user. Check out the “OK to ask” campaign.
  • How the Patient Advice Liaison Service (PALS) exists to help you find your way around the NHS: Telephone Mon-Fri 10am-4pm on 01274 251 440, or
  • The Public Patient Involvement Research Action Group, and how we can get involved. We should hopefully receive an informative visit from this organisation in the near future. It is an objective of Moving Forward to seek input and involvement in clinical research of our various mental health issues. This will involve identifying a group representative to manage relationships with researchers.
  • How to participate in the running of Bradford District Care Trust by making a personal registration with the Trusts central database held by the Patient Experience and Involvement Team. Telephone 01274 228 298, or email

So a big thank you to the organisers from the Moving Forward group, our representatives who attended enjoyed a very positive experience.

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