Bi-polar Bean Counter – a members blog

Mental health issues come in many shapes, sizes and at the strangest times. It is always shocking rather than just a surprise and can have a massive effect on a successful, stable and good life.

Recognising that you have a mental illness takes time, younger people may suffer great confusion and life problems until diagnosed. It may be much later in life when the penny drops. Then with help you can eventually take the illness on and recover your life, all be it a different life to what you planned in most cases.

Being open about mental health is difficult, and can attract destructive stigma. At Moving Forward we tackle stigma through the strength of shared experience.

A member of our group has taken the brave step of beginning a blog about his experience and the battle for recovery. Both he and his fellow sufferers know that recovery is a rough ride and we all hope that many will learn by him sharing his experiences. He knows he has the support of Moving Forward and that we care.

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