Moving Forward denied football tournament success!

Bradford Wellbeing Cup disaster bitterly disappoints elite Moving Forward squad!

The Football tournament, organised by MIND in Bradford, was called The Wellbeing Cup and was held at the Richard Dunn Sports Centre on Thursday 8th October 2015. 

According to a “mole” in the Moving Forward squad “a dodgy refereeing decision robbed us of a place in the Semi’s” and “He better never show his face in Keighley!”

“We based our play on the England National Team, and can’t understand what went wrong!” “We were so confident we had thrown our team drawing board away! We are going to have to fundraise for a new one!” . “Surely in a wellbeing competition everyone should have won! But we’re not bitter at all!”

“There could be a change of management in prospect, but that will be up to the group Managaement Committee, the Chairman wields a fearsome gavel….”


It should be the Ref………

In all seriousness a massive well done to all the Guys from all the Teams who took part and we know that Moving Forward will dominate next years tournament! That’s optimism for you……..wait a minute!

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