8th October 2015 – Depression, a Presentation to Moving Forward Keighley 

The Keighley group meeting benefited from a visit by Kathy MacAnallan today. She gave us a presentation on “Depression” which covered the biological susceptibilities and psychological/social origins of depression and it’s links with anxiety & stress.

She also covered the effects on health and gave some very useful advice on self help wellness tools. She stressed the benefits of physical and social activities for those suffering from depression. She introduced us to the concept of an “existential crisis” and how being part of a group like Moving Forward can validate you and make you “real” when you might feel “unreal” amongst other people because of how they perceive your depression.

The group thoroughly enjoyed both Kathy’s presentation, and her conversation & guidance. She stressed that groups like Moving Forward are very important due to the gap in mental health care that they fill.

The group is very grateful to Kathy for visiting us today.

Kathy MacAnallan MA, BSc, Dip HE, BACP (Accredited) Psychotherapist UKCP. – Kathy is is a psychoanalytic and CBT psychotherapist working in private practice out of Greengates Bradford.

Website: http://www.kathymcanallentherapy.co.uk

Email: kathymcanallen1989@gmail.com

Tel: 07717 820596

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