The Men’s Moving Forward Group – Liam

The men’s moving forward group is unique to MIND, it offers men the chance to speak about topics we usually keep hidden from others. The men’s group allows people to have the opportunity to access this service they rely on, to learn from others and seek advice and guidance.

The men’s moving forward group is invaluable as men with mental illness or difficulties can come to the group to receive help and improve their own health and wellbeing, they do this through participating or listening which makes people in the group feel comfortable and builds trust within the group.

it is clear that this group makes a difference to peoples lives as the same men return back each week and more men join the group. Men look forward to coming to this group as they can see this group as their lifeline to speak to others who have been going through similar experiences themselves.

There is a variety of topics discussed in the men’s moving forward group. Some which have been particularly have been; social capital, diet, exercise, family, finance and employment. My own personal experience of loneliness that I discussed in the group has helped me learn new ways of how I can make changes to improve my life in order to deal with that issue. If it had not been for this group I would still have struggled addressing this issue by myself. I honestly do believe day to day life is a struggle, and you just have to keep going through the ups and downs.

Alan Wilson, who runs the men’s moving forward group, is outstanding as he is a caring man who values everyone’s opinion in the group and ensures that everyone is treated with the upmost respect. The difference with men’s moving forward group, to any other group, which makes it unique, is that it is run by a person who has, through his own experience of mental illness, can understand have been through. He has succeeded in providing a vital service to help others in need.

The men’s moving forward group does ultimately make people feel positive and better about themselves after the meeting has finished as it helps to restore their confidence, self-esteem and faith in humanity. Overall it allows people to develop a positive belief system in order to change and move forward in their lives.

Liam, BA Hons Social Work Student

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