Moving Forward, Keighley – Chris

To begin with, a little bit about myself. I was diagnosed with stress related anxiety about two years ago. Eventually I left my job on health grounds in March 2014. I found out about the Moving Forward group that was active in Keighley in December of that year, and have been attending on a weekly basis from January 2015 to the current date.

I would like to recommend the work that the group does very highly indeed. The NHS approach to providing services to help in treating mental illness is patchy and hard to access. I find this is particularly true in respect of men with mental health issues. The group is comprised of men with personal experience of different kinds of mental illness, and is committed to sharing practical help and information to assist on the road to wellness. I have benefited myself from talking to and meeting with other men who have had similar experiences and difficulties to myself, and during six months I have been attending I have noticed a real improvement in my symptoms. My level of anxiety is slowly but surely reaching “normal” levels and hopefully I will be able to retake my place in the world of work.

I am particularly impressed by the professional way in which the weekly meetings are held and facilitated. All members agree to abide by the terms of the group agreement and this is discussed and outlines at the start of each meeting for the benefit of old and new members alike. There is a definite structure which is helpful to people like myself who have anxiety issues. I feel comfortable and secure during meetings. I know that if I have a problem it will be dealt with in a quiet and respectful way for both myself and other members.

I look forward to attending in the future and would recommend this group to anyone in a similar position to myself as a way of helping them develop themselves as a person and begin to move forward in a positive way.

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