For all, by all…

Moving Forward Group is a mental health peer support group for over 18’s run by its members – a friendly resource for your recovery and continuing wellbeing. Men, women and other social groups can have very different mental health experiences and needs. Moving Forward’s approach uses local peer support groups that focus on specific social needs.

We network with other mental health organisations at community level for the benefit of all. We encourage our members to develop facilitation skills so that they can support their community’s mental health.

For the last few years we have concentrated on male mental health. That is changing right now, and very soon there will be opportunities for all genders to benefit. You can sign up to receive email updates on this website.

Things can be so different! Continuous support from your peers.

Mental health is a complex subject. You don’t need to face your issues alone – you probably have so far!  The group members understand this and they are friendly, compassionate and caring. The collective knowledge and shared experience available within the group makes it a great resource They will make you feel at home and cared for.

I joined the Keighley group in early 2015 whilst off work with severe anxiety and depression. For the first time I met men with similar issues and learned more about myself by doing so. The wisdom, friendship and responsibilities the group has given me have contributed to my recovery and enabled me to return to work. Being a member of Moving Forward is so important to me now. Things could have been very different.” Paul.

The group has a great collective sense of humour and laughs are guaranteed. The meetings often overrun as no one wants to leave the company of the others! The group offers continuous on-going support that fills gaps in other mental health therapies.

There for you continuously – for free!

See the Local Groups link on the main menu above for details of our local meetings. You can attend all appropriate meetings if you like, there is no charge but you can make a small donation to the venue costs if you like.

If you would like to make an online donation to Moving Forward please click on the “Donate” button on the menu at the top of the webpage.